US Supreme Court Overturn Abortion Laws

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  • Date: June 24, 2022
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The world is moving towards more censorship and fewer rights for indivaulds – is this start of a ‘Handmaid Tales’ style world or has it already begun!

We are turning into a more religious style world, where we obey the word of the gods and must do as we are told or face the consequences – we have seen this played out on many TV shows & movies BUT now, it seems to be fliting its way into real life, as we sleepwalk into the belife that if it’s on a TV show then it must be real!

The ruling by the US Supreme Court (Roe Vs Wade) to overturn the constitutional right to choose abortion is absolutely shocking and in my view has set the USA back 50 years! The US is labeled as the shining light for the west, a democracy where you have the freedom to choose the life you live and if you dream it, you can achieve it! Well, today the US Supreme Court has just taken another freedom away from the millions of women who live in the US.

The ruling means each state can individually ban abortions, now you might be thinking, well most states might not ban abortions and just keep the same laws in place but as of today 13 states have ‘trigger bans’ in place, which means abortions are immediately banned today or in the next few days & weeks and at least a total of 25 states are poised to ban abortions.

A recent poll by Gallup (an analytics company) found that around 55% of Americans identify as “pro-choice” – which means today’s ruling is in favor of the 45% who identify as “pro-life” or don’t identify at all. In a so-called democracy, the 55% is a larger voice and should get the ruling BUT as we are seeing more & more, freedoms are slowly being removed and replaced by laws that suit the few and not the many.

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