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York police rescue dogs from 'blazing hot' car

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Officers smashed the window of a car to reach the two dogs

Two dogs were rescued by police from a “blazing hot” car where they had been left for nearly two hours.

Officers decided to smash the car window in order to free the animals.

York City Centre Policing team said on Twitter the car was so hot inside the officers were “struggling to breathe”, adding: “There is no excuse for this, I am utterly appalled”.

The force said the matter had been referred to the RSPCA and the owners of the car will be prosecuted.

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The RSPCA has said it intends to prosecute the owners of the vehicle

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York City Centre Policing said the dogs were left in the car for more than an hour-and-a half

According to the RSPCA website, on warm days a car can become “as hot as an oven very quickly”.

It says: “When it’s 22 degrees, in a car it can reach an unbearable 47 degrees within the hour.”

How to treat a dog with heatstroke

  • Move the animal to a shaded, cool area
  • Douse the dog with cool, not cold, water
  • If possible, use wet towels or place them in the breeze of a fan
  • Allow the dog to drink small amounts of cool water
  • Continue to douse the dog with cool water until its breathing starts to settle, but never so much that it begins to shiver
  • Once cool, take the dog to the nearest vet as a matter of urgency

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