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Tanyalee Davis: Part of comic's scooter missing after Stansted flight

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Media captionTanyalee Davis: Comedian’s dismay as scooter rack lost at airport

A comedian has said she had to wait two hours at an airport for her mobility scooter, only to find it was missing a vital attachment.

Tanyalee Davis claimed her “independence” has been affected by the loss of a custom-made rack, after her plane landed at Stansted Airport.

Ms Davis said her Ryanair flight was delayed by two hours, and the added delay meant she had to cancel a gig.

The airline is leading an investigation and referred the BBC to partner firms.

Canadian-born Ms Davis, who has a form of dwarfism, was travelling with her partner Kevin Bolden from Treviso, Italy after performing in Slovenia on Friday.

She discovered the custom-made rack, which holds bags and suitcases, had disappeared, after Mr Bolden searched the airport for the scooter for two hours.

Ms Davis, of Norwich, said: “Nobody could figure out where the scooter was coming from.

“It was just chaos and then when it finally came up there was a part missing.

“This rack is very valuable to me… it allows me my independence as I travel a lot on my own.”

Last month, the comedian was left on a train and “humiliated” on another trip.

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Tanyalee Davis

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Tanyalee Davis is an award-winning comedian who bases much of her comedy on her experiences

Ms Davis, who campaigns for disability rights under #ScooterGirlCampaigns, said her experience echoed that of Paralympian Anne Walfula-Strike, who was left on a plane at Stansted on Friday.

She said Ryanair has asked her for a photo of her scooter rack, while Stansted told her they were looking for it.

Ryanair’s luggage handlers Swissport told the BBC the airline was handling the investigation.

The budget airline said OmniServ and Aer Tre provide “wheelchair services” respectively at Stansted and Treviso airports.

However, OmniServ told the BBC it does not deal with baggage handling. Aer Tre has not yet replied to a request for comment.

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