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Musician Karina Ramage signed in supermarket biscuit aisle

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Standing in the biscuit aisle of a supermarket, you wouldn’t think your dreams of being a musician would come true.

But 25-year-old supermarket worker Karina Ramage was signed on the spot by the music manager who created the boyband Blue.

Karina’s been speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat about what happened, revealing how a combination of luck, flour, biscuits and Donald Trump all played their part.

“I feel in a bit of a dream,” she says.

‘Out of the blue’

Karina arrived for her shift with her guitar after a rehearsal when she bumped into Daniel Glatman, the 44-year-old music manager, who was there to buy biscuits and flour.

Karina says she’s met Daniel before as a customer, “giving him a cup for his coffee”.

“We got to chatting about music and he put me on the spot and said ‘Let’s see what you’ve got to sing’.”

“It was completely out of the blue, I hadn’t warmed up or anything.”

Karina says she’s always dreamed about singing in front of a music boss, just not in a supermarket.

She said: “20% of my life is Waitrose, the other 80% is gigging and busking, playing just about everywhere I can to push my music.”

“And then the only place I’m thinking I’m not going to have anything to do with music is where I meet a music manager so it’s really cool,” she says.


Karina says she sang one of her favourite songs – Wasteland – a song she’d written herself about an issue which “means a lot”.

The song is about sustainability and the environment and was written in response to Donald Trump.

“I wrote the song when Trump was on TV saying something about climate change not being real, and it made me angry and stressed,” she says.

“When I wrote it, it was something I was worried about and a way for me to express and remind myself that I need to do better as well.”

The song mentions how human habits are affecting the sustainability of the planet, with Karina adding “unless we change our ways, the planet will end up being some sort of wasteland”.

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Karina is passionate about the environment

The future

So what’s next for Karina after this incredible moment?

“I would love to collaborate with other people and do some more songwriting.”

Karina says she likes writing songs “that have a lot of meaning” and hopes her song makes people think about the environment.

“Hopefully people are thinking they need to get a reusable bottle!”

She adds that she’s “already cut down on meat and dairy” and hopes other people will be doing things to save the planet.

“I think one person won’t make a difference but millions and millions of people make a huge difference.”

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