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Gerry Adams calls on home attackers to meet him

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Gerry Adams gave a press conference on Saturday after Friday night’s attack on his home

Former Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called on those who attacked his home to meet him.

Mr Adams asked those responsible to have the “gumption and guts” to meet him and explain their actions.

Sinn Féin activist Bobby Storey’s house was also attacked and police say the devices thrown at both homes were believed to be “large industrial or commercial fireworks”.

Such devices have the capacity to cause serious injury and damage to property.

The attacks took place in west Belfast on Friday night.

Speaking on Saturday, Mr Adams said two of his grandchildren had been in the driveway before the attack but no-one was injured.

He said he was unsure whether there was a connection between the attacks and the recent violence in Londonderry.

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Sinn Féin said there were children in the driveway minutes before the attack

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The incident occurred on Friday night

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