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Extinction Rebellion blocks road to Pembroke Dock Valero

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logon - Extinction Rebellion blocks road to Pembroke Dock Valero

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Media captionClimate protesters block Pembroke Dock Valero oil refinery entrance

Climate change protesters have blocked three entrances to one of the biggest oil refineries in Europe.

Ten Extinction Rebellion members set up a blockade outside the Valero site in Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, early on Thursday morning.

One of the protesters, Sven, said the group would stay “as long as it takes”.

A Valero spokeswoman said production was continuing normally, although there had been disruption for staff getting to work at the plant.

The refinery makes products including gasoline, diesel and kerosene.

Sven said: “We are doing this out of frustration at the complete inaction of government to do anything to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”

The group has attached themselves to wooden boxes filled with concrete in a bid to stop vehicles from entering or leaving the site.

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Protesters are lying on the approach roads outside the Valero refinery in Pembrokeshire

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There are 10 members of Extinction Rebellion outside the refinery

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The group says there have not been enough “meaningful changes” to halt climate change

“We’re taking a stand. We’ve raised our concerns, written letters to the government, campaigned on the streets,” Sven said.

“The government have declared a climate emergency, but there has not been any meaningful changes, it’s all hot air.

“It’s fallen down to us normal people to take a stand.”

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The protesters say they will stay “as long as it takes”

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Protesters have attached themselves to wooden boxes filled with concrete

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Lorries have began queuing outside the site

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Extinction Rebellion arrived in the early hours of the morning

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