Finnish Prime Minister takes a drug test after partying video leaked

  • By: Muhammad Abdul Basit
  • Date: August 20, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

The Finnish PM came in hot waters when she was seen enjoying herself with her celebrity friends at a house party. In the leaked video, Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of the world’s happiest nation, was seen dancing and singing with other celebrities.

The clip started a backlash after it went viral on social media. Several Finnish leaders asked her to take a drug test to prove she did not take any illegal stimulant in the party. Ms. Marin clarified that she only consumed alcohol while having a good time that night. She said that she had taken a drug test to satisfy the concerns of her opponents.

History was made in Finland in 2019. Sanna Marin was only 34 when she assumed the office of the Prime Minister. She comes from a modern family. She was raised by her mother when her parents split up. She attended Tampere University. In 2006, she joined the Social Democratic Youth, the youth wing of the Social Democratic Party, before she joined the party itself. At the age of 25, she was elected to the parliament after serving for some time in the local government.

The backlash mainly came from the far-right Finns Party, and the Centre Party which the Social Democratic Party is in coalition with. It was Ms. Riikka Purra, the leader of the opposition Finns Party, who demanded a drug test from Ms. Prime Minister. She said that a “shadow of doubt” was hanging over Ms. Marin; therefore, it was better if she justified her position. However, her or her party’s popularity after the video does not seem to have significantly affected.

Some people from social media also lambasted her. Questions regarding her relationship with her husband and child were put forth in criticism. But most of the reaction on social media has been in favour of Marin.

While she is not sorry for enjoying herself with friends, she is still upset that the video was made public. While giving a statement, she iterated, “I did nothing illegal.” She said that she had a personal life like other people of her age. She is determined to live her personal life like she pleases and hopes others accept it. She further added that people should “understand that leisure time and work can be separated”.

The young PM has many friends in the circle of Finnish celebrities. None of the previous office bearers had such traces of glamour. Sanna Marin was known for her outgoingness even before she became the youngest head of government of Finland. She is often seen at the boisterous events. Last week, she was declared the coolest prime minister of the world by a German news outlet. In 2021, she had to publicly apologise for having a close encounter with a COVID-19 case at a clubbing event.

The video has started a new debate where on one side people are expressing their views on how politicians should maintain their public image, while on the other side people are questioning the amount of off time the public office holders get to relax from hectic political activities.

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