Boris Johnson: Brexit opponents 'collaborating' with EU


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Boris Johnson has accused MPs of a “terrible collaboration” with the European Union in an attempt to stop Brexit.

The prime minister said the EU had become less willing to compromise on a new deal with the UK because of the opposition to leaving in Parliament.

He said this increased the likelihood of the UK being “forced to leave with a no-deal” in October.

The EU says the agreement struck by Theresa May is the only deal possible.

Speaking during a Facebook event hosted at Downing Street, Mr Johnson said he wanted to leave with a deal but “we need our European friends to compromise”.

“There’s a terrible kind of collaboration as it were, going on between people who think they can block Brexit in Parliament and our European friends,” he added.

“The more they think there’s a chance that Brexit can be blocked in Parliament, the more adamant they are in sticking to their position.”

His comments come after former Chancellor Philip Hammond said the PM’s negotiating stance increased the chance of a no-deal before the 31 October deadline.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Hammond said a no-deal exit would be “just as much a betrayal of the referendum result as not leaving at all”.

No 10 accused Mr Hammond of undermining the UK’s negotiating stance, and said he “did everything he could” to block preparations for leaving whilst he was in office.

The former chancellor rejected this suggestion in a tweet, saying he wanted to deliver Brexit “and voted to do so three times”.

Mr Johnson has said he wants to leave the EU with a deal, but the UK must leave “do or die” by the latest Brexit deadline of 31 October.

He wants the EU to ditch the Irish border backstop plan from the deal negotiated by former PM Theresa May, which was rejected three times by Parliament.

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