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Amber Rudd 'made a mistake but didn't mislead'

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Senior Tories have rallied around Amber Rudd, amid criticism for her failure to know specific migrant removal targets.

The home secretary said she had not seen a memo leaked to the Guardian suggesting she knew of the objectives.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said Ms Rudd “made a mistake but didn’t knowingly mislead” while Environment Secretary Michael Gove pointed to the vast sum of emails ministers receive.

Labour’s Yvette Cooper has accused Ms Rudd of being “inaccurate”.

She has faced calls to resign from her position as home secretary after telling MPs earlier this week there had been no targets for migrant removal then later admitting “local” targets existed.

On Friday, she apologised for not being aware and claimed she had not seen the email copied to her office.

Ms Rudd is expected to make a statement in the House of Commons on Monday to respond to what she called “legitimate questions” about illegal migration.

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