Neighbour chalked out a racetrack

  • By: Wilson Lawal
  • Date: August 31, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Neighbour chalked out a racetrack – Guy Catches his Neighbour’s Kid Playing in his Driveway and Does Something Special

These days, you’ll find cameras in everyone’s house pointed at their driveway and front door since car thefts, package thefts, and others seem to be on the rise lately. However, not just thieves could threaten your lovely ride, but your neighbor’s kids.

Due to the lockdowns as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems people are just ready to flare up once you look at them wrongly or get in their space, they pick it against you and come at you with full force, to the extent of attacking you physically. This usually happens o some kids’ parents; somehow, these kids failed to adhere to some behavior ideals.

Now here is a situation of a guy, who faces some serious disturbance from a child that rolls into his private property almost every day in the evenings, triggering his camera’s motion alarm. This could be very annoying, given that the parents are standing close to him, walking the dogs as well. At least, they should be able to teach the young boy to stay clear the sacred driveway of people.

Rather than coming out to yell like a crazy maniac, or just threaten to sue them, this guy did something so amazing and epic: he found somewhere on his driveway and then chalked out a racetrack for this kid to follow.

At times, there will be rain, and he would just create a new design, going ahead to add hairpin turns, rumble strips, etc. Other neighbors, old and young, noticed this track and started riding on it with their strollers, bikes, etc.

This guy could have taken things far with the kid and his parents; rather, he created something that brought some joy to the whole neighborhood. What a neighbor anyone would ask for! This is the neighbor we all need.

Watch the video here:


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