Blind Mom Finally Sees her Unborn Child, Thanks to 3D Technology

  • By: Wilson Lawal
  • Date: August 28, 2020
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Blind Mom Finally Sees – A blind mom who was unhappy when she realized she wouldn’t be able to see her unborn baby’s face has finally been able to with the help of a 3D-printed ultrasound.

Taylor Ellis, the 26-year-old blind mom was diagnosed with glaucoma since birth. She has been struggling with her vision ever since. When Taylor went for her 20-week-scan she got to know that it would be impossible for her to see her baby. On hearing this, she left the hospital heartbroken.

When the doctors realized how heartbroken she was, they came up with an idea. They carried out an ultrasound and provided a 3D print out of her unborn child’s face.

The blind mom and her husband are both visually impaired. The couple received the scan in the post a week after. The 3D print out enabled them to feel the face of their unborn child.

Taylor who is now a mother of three said that 3D technology which is majorly used to make car parts is life-changing.

This technology is often used in Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore to develop models of unborn babies with spina bifida, allowing the doctor to have a clear view of babies’ spines.

An ultrasound sonographer at the John’s Hopkins hospital discovered that the 3D technology could be helpful to blind parents; they decided to try it out. This hospital is known to be the first to do such.

Taylor revealed that: “I always thought about what my baby would look like and was always saddened to know I wouldn’t have the same opportunity as seeing mothers. My sight wasn’t as bad with my first two children, so I could see the 2D ultrasound.”

When Taylor received the ultrasound she realized that she could feel her unborn baby’s face and she was happy. Baby Rosalie who is now ten-weeks-old is doing just fine.

Photo Credit: SWNS

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