Massacre in Montenegro: 11 people killed, including 2 children

  • By: Emir Tutic
  • Date: August 15, 2022
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Eleven people were killed, including two children, in the massacre that took place on August 12th in Cetinje. The murderer Vuk Borilović committed a terrible crime on Friday noon after he broke into the apartment of his tenants around 3:30 pm, and shot the mother and her two children with the hunting rifle. After that, he called the victim’s husband and father, saying that he had killed his family, and then went on a random killing spree on the street.

According to the official statement, the murderer entered the apartment of his tenants on August 12th around 3:30 pm and killed an eleven-year-old boy at the door, then his three-year-younger brother, and then shot their mother through the window.

As RTCG reports, the tragedy was preceded by conflict with tenants, after which the murderer randomly shot passers-by on the street. The attacker also shot at the police and was killed in the confrontation.

In the next 45 minutes after he broke into the house, within 80 meters of his house, he killed seven more people and injured six more. The authorities explained that after killing the boy and his mother, he entered the neighbour’s house where he killed two elderly fellow citizens and seriously wounded their 32-year-old grandson.

On the threshold of that house, he also killed their son, who ran towards the house when he heard the shooting.

Borilović also killed a neighbour, and then his uncle, and then, going down the street, he also killed two female neighbours.

He wounded four other neighbours, as well as a policeman who was trying to prevent him from shooting.

During the bloody drama in which two children lost their lives, Borilović fired at random with a hunting rifle at neighbours, emergency crews, police officers and passers-by.

According to the media reports, during the exchange of fire with the police, he was shot dead by a fellow citizen, who tried to convince him to surrender, and not by the police, as previously reported.

Previously, Borilović refused to surrender to law enforcement authorities, even though he was surrounded.

Fellow citizen N.K. allegedly prevented Borilović from further massacre, he shot him with a pistol in order to prevent Borilović from killing innocent civilians.

Vuk Borilović, a mass murderer from Cetinje, was hit by at least five bullets, the autopsy showed. 

According to certain media from Montenegro, which officials in Montenegro have not yet confirmed, N.K. is Nenad Neno Kaluđerović, a well-known name in the Montenegrin public.

He is celebrated by many as a hero who prevented further bloodshed.

According to the initial information reported by the media throughout the region, Kaluđerović approached the killer from behind, shot him and stopped further bloodshed.

Shortly after this version of the story appeared in public, Kaluđerović’s photo began to be shared on social networks and media with calls for the street to be named after him. He is celebrated as a hero who saved many lives that day.

The police announced that they fired 20 bullets at Borilović. They are still determining the circumstances of the crime and whether Borilović died as a result of a serious wound or a bullet that was subsequently fired by a citizen who was said to be unavailable to the police.

The authorities are in solidarity with the families of the victims, they say that they are still determining why thirty-four-year-old Vuk Borilović decided to commit this cruel act.

In Montenegro, three days of mourning were declared due to the massacre.

The funeral of the victims of this massacre was held on Sunday, August 14, at the Cetinje City Cemetery, in Bajice, Gradac and Ljubotinje.

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