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Bono's son's Inhaler band in name dispute

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Luca Centro (pictured) appeared in a news article about Irish rock band Inhaler, rather than his own Hertford-based band with the same name

A band formed by the son of U2 singer Bono has become involved in a dispute over its name.

Eli Hewson, the third of Bono’s four children, is the guitarist in Dublin-based band Inhaler, formed in 2016.

But as reported by the Hertfordshire Mercury, a Hertford band with the same name said it began gigging in 2015 and has asked for an apology.

Frontman Luca Centro, 17, said it came to a head when an Irish newspaper used a picture of him, instead of Mr Hewson.

Luca added: “If [the other Inhaler] would have researched their name they would have seen there was a band called Inhaler.”

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Bono, real name Paul Hewson, has fronted Irish band U2 since 1976

The Hertford-based rock band, made up of friends from school, first released music in December 2015, according to their Soundcloud.

Meanwhile, the Dublin rock and roll Inhaler was set up in 2016, said its website.

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Hertford-based Inhaler said they formed in 2014 and first gigged in 2015

Luca said he would like the other band to apologise and added: “We were the first band called Inhaler and we want people to know that.

“When people search for Inhaler it’s Bono’s son’s band, not us… it should be us not them.”

The Dublin-based band has been approached by the BBC for comment.

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