95279811 google - Malaysia screen legend gets Google tribute

Malaysia screen legend gets Google tribute

Image copyright Google Image caption P. Ramlee was a famous Malaysian artist who appeared in and directed movies Google has paid tribute to late Malaysian film legend P. Ramlee in its latest animated doodle, on what would have been his 88th birthday. Born Teuku Zakaria on 22 March, 1929 in the coastal state of Penang, […]

93262689 thinkstockphotos 628728500 - Urban spies

Urban spies

Media captionHow much data do you give away on the tube? Shops and retailers are taking over where street cameras left off, watching shoppers’ every move. According to a 2015 survey of 150 retail executives from IT services firm Computer Services Corporation, a quarter of all British shops and 59% of fashion retailers use facial […]

95264347 gettyimages 160466776 - Facebook Live victim 'afraid to go home'

Facebook Live victim 'afraid to go home'

Image copyright Getty Images A teenage girl who police say was raped during a Facebook Live broadcast is too scared to return to her Chicago home, her mother has said. The 15-year-old, who is currently staying with relatives, has been subject to an online and in-person harassment campaign. People on Facebook have threatened “they are […]

95265133 alex - Kenya Revenue Authority 'lost $39m to hacker'

Kenya Revenue Authority 'lost $39m to hacker'

Image copyright Daily Nation Image caption Alex Mutuku’s lawyers want him to be released on bail An IT expert has been charged with hacking into Kenya’s Revenue Authority and stealing $39m (£31m). Alex Mutungi Mutuku, 28, is accused of electronic fraud but he denies any wrongdoing. The prosecution says he is part of an international […]

95264347 gettyimages 160466776 - 'Sex assault' streamed on Facebook Live

'Sex assault' streamed on Facebook Live

Image copyright Getty Images The alleged sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl by five or six males was streamed on Facebook Live, according to Chicago Police. Around 40 people were said to have been watching the stream at one point but nobody reported the incident to police. A police spokesman said authorities first learned of […]

95264134  93663698 thinkstockphotos 628527420 - Two major US technology firms 'tricked out of $100m'

Two major US technology firms 'tricked out of $100m'

Image copyright Thinkstock Image caption Evaldas Rimasauskas posed as Asian-based hardware manufacturer to trick staff into wiring him money A Lithuanian man has been charged with tricking two US technology firms into wiring him $100m (£80.3m) through an email phishing scam. Posing as an Asian-based manufacturer, Evaldas Rimasauskas tricked staff into transferring money into bank […]

95263203 p04xn80n - Is the UK Europe's best hub for tech workers?

Is the UK Europe's best hub for tech workers?

Tech City chair Eileen Burbidge tells Today the tech industry in the UK is leading Europe and its employees are earning 44% more than in other industries. The annual report from Tech City says 1.6 million people are now employed by tech companies in the UK. Source link

95264131  88130256 02bead6f e275 4dbb 9bad 02a679c13f0d - Twitter shuts 377,000 'terrorism' accounts

Twitter shuts 377,000 'terrorism' accounts

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Twitter says it has suspended a total of 636,248 accounts since mid-2015 Twitter says it shut nearly 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in the second half of last year. It represents a big increase on the last numbers given by the company, which covered from February to August 2016, although […]

93531309 plusnet mobile capped contracts 1 - Plusnet fined £880,000 for billing former customers

Plusnet fined £880,000 for billing former customers

Image copyright Plusnet Image caption Plusnet markets itself as offering superior customer service Plusnet, an internet service provider owned by BT, has been fined £880,000 for wrongly billing more than 1,000 former customers. An investigation by watchdog Ofcom found that the ISP broke a fundamental billing rule by continuing to charge a group of customers […]

95265027 gettyimages 97857995 1 - Bank cheques to be cleared within a day

Bank cheques to be cleared within a day

Image copyright Getty Images Bank customers who pay cheques into their accounts will soon be able to get the money cleared within one working day. At the moment, the process can take up to six days. The organisation that manages the cheque clearing system said the changes would be phased in from October 2017. However, […]

95256482 gettyimages 504377724 - Spear-phishing scammer demanded sex show

Spear-phishing scammer demanded sex show

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It took minutes for the scammer to take over Six weeks ago, a young woman called Zed (not her real name) was in a meeting at work when a message popped up on Facebook Messenger from a distant friend. “Hey babe,” it began. The friend asked Zed to vote […]