95204319 1 - Etna escape: 'Pelted with the deadly, hot debris'

Etna escape: 'Pelted with the deadly, hot debris'

Image copyright Sam Robinson Image caption Etna is usually doing something. That makes it a draw for scientists and tourists When we arrived in Sicily, we discovered that we were in luck: Mount Etna had just started to erupt again. I was part of a BBC team who had come to film a report on […]

95201737 p04x48fq - Device promises injections without needles

Device promises injections without needles

A computerised system for injecting medicine without using needles has won an innovation award at the South by SouthWest Interactive technology conference in Austin, Texas. Portal Instruments’ device, which the company hopes will be on the market in the next two years, won in the health category. The BBC’s North America technology reporter Dave Lee […]

95201563 17240296 803000426545009 9048086880449281854 o - 'Narcissistic' bird wins internet fans in Australia

'Narcissistic' bird wins internet fans in Australia

Image copyright Nick Wiggins/ABC Image caption Wildlife expert Caitlin Raynor posted a note above the bush stone-curlew When wildlife expert Caitlin Raynor saw a bird mesmerised with its reflection, she feared people might be concerned. So she posted a note above it. “I’m a bush stone-curlew,” the message explained. “I’m fine. I just like to […]

95173125 8e2f5ffe 064e 4a8b 96fd fdb96a5015ef - Black tide

Black tide

Image copyright Philippe Le Tellier Fifty years ago, the supertanker SS Torrey Canyon hit rocks off the coast of Cornwall, spilling more than 100,000 tonnes of crude oil into the English Channel. Beaches were left knee-deep in sludge and thousands of sea birds were killed in what remains the UK’s worst environmental accident. It was […]

95175723 poster - Scientists play 'geological genealogy'

Scientists play 'geological genealogy'

Image copyright Rick Carlson Image caption The rocks on the eastern shores of the Hudson Bay are among the oldest on Earth Scientists have tracked the “family history” of a rock back to some of the earliest times on Earth. Researchers analysed the concentration and distribution of particular types of atoms in the granite to […]

95185259 mediaitem95184155 - Mount Etna: BBC crew caught up in volcano blast

Mount Etna: BBC crew caught up in volcano blast

Media captionMoment BBC crew caught in Etna eruption A BBC team and a number of tourists have suffered minor injuries after being caught up in an incident on the erupting volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. “Many injured – some head injuries, burns, cuts and bruises,” tweeted BBC science reporter Rebecca Morelle. Lava flow mixed with […]

95185484 pumalinpark tompkinsconservation 6 - North Face widow Tompkins donates land for Chile parks

North Face widow Tompkins donates land for Chile parks

Image copyright Tompkins Conservation Image caption The donated land will form part of a network of 17 national parks Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, the widow of US billionaire Doug Tompkins, is donating 408,000 hectares of land to Chile for national parks to be created. Doug Tompkins, one of the founders of the outdoor clothing brand The […]

95175847 1 - 'Boaty McBoatface' loaded for Friday departure

'Boaty McBoatface' loaded for Friday departure

Image copyright Povl Abrahamsen/BAS Image caption Sent out from Southampton, Boaty was loaded on to the RRS James Clark Ross on Wednesday “Boaty McBoatface” has just been loaded aboard the UK’s polar ship, the RRS James Clark Ross. The yellow submarine is currently in Punta Arenas, Chile, and is due to sail for the Southern […]

95167733 trails - Climate change: Biofuels 'could limit jet contrails'

Climate change: Biofuels 'could limit jet contrails'

Image copyright NASA Image caption The aim was to sample emissions under real-world conditions Some close-quarter flying has provided new insights into aircraft pollution. US space agency-led scientists flew small, instrumented, chase planes directly in the exhaust plume of a big jet to measure the sorts of gases and particles being thrown out. The data […]

95175622 t1520446 photovoltaic panels at solar power station spl - Germany to push for carbon price at G20

Germany to push for carbon price at G20

Image copyright SPL Image caption Solar power station near Koblenz, Germany Germany will use its G20 Presidency to nudge world leaders towards a global price on carbon, according to its director general of energy policy. Thorsten Herdan told BBC News that the world can’t stabilise CO2 emissions without making polluters pay. Mr Herdan, of the […]

95136076 hi037758100 - Hans Rosling, population expert: Five last thoughts

Hans Rosling, population expert: Five last thoughts

Image copyright AP Hans Rosling, the Swedish professor who made global health statistics compelling viewing, died from cancer in February. Co-founder of Gapminder.org, which continues his work, he was enthusiastically trying to change old-fashioned notions of the world even as his illness took hold. In his final BBC interview – for the BBC World Service […]

95151646 1024 13 - Captivating science

Captivating science

Image copyright Mark R Smith This magnified image of a baby Hawaiian bobtail squid – which has a light organ on its backside that houses a colony of glowing bacteria – is one of the finalists in the 2017 Wellcome Image Awards. The squid – which measures only 1.5 cm across – provides food and […]