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GM recalls 1.2 million 2015 pickup trucks and SUVs

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General Motors Co has issued a safety recall for about 1.2 million pickup trucks and SUVs globally, citing problems with the power steering function.

The same issue prompted the firm to recall about 800,000 pickup trucks last year.

GM said dealerships will provide free software updates to fix the problem.

About 1 million of the vehicles were sold in the United States. The models involved in the recall date from 2015.

They include the Chevrolet Silverado SD; the GMC Yukon; the GMC Sierra LD; and the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Canada and Mexico are the biggest markets outside of the US for those vehicles.

The firm, which started investigating the issue in June after complaints, said the issue is linked to 30 crashes and two injuries but no deaths.

It said it has introduced changes since 2015 to mitigate the problem, which causes temporary loss of power steering and makes it difficult to steer, especially under low-speed conditions.

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