GNT Holy Bible Good News Translation - GNT Holy  Bible, Good News Translation

GNT Holy Bible, Good News Translation

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· Complete text of Good News Translation is accurate and easy to understand—makes the meaning of the Bible plain even if you’ve never read it before · Nearly 600 simple line-drawings by illustrator Annie Vallatton highlight important passages · “How to Seek God” suggests first steps toward a relationship with God · “Summary of the Bible” tells briefly the broad story of the Bible in its own words · Devotional reading plan · Study helps, including glossary, maps and map index, subject index and moreThe Bible shows us who God is and reveals his plans for us. It is a collection of ancient books written by various writers over many centuries. But its true Author is eternal, and its message is as relevant and powerful today as in ages past. However, the English language into which the Bible has been translated continues to change. That’s why the Good News Translation was developed. It uses contemporary language to make the Bible clear and accessible to today’s generation of readers.The Good News Translation is · A true translation, meaning it was actually translated from the Greek and Hebrew languages in which the Bible was originally written · Accurate and reliable · Easy to understand—even if you’ve never read the Bible before

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