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Nicaragua forces 'regain control' of protest city Masaya

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Pro-government paramilitaries in Monimb√≥ The Nicaraguan city of Masaya, which has been at the centre of anti-government protests, is back under state control, the government says. The announcement comes after forces loyal to President Daniel Ortega violently clashed with activists in the Monimb√≥ neighbourhood on Tuesday. Residents described coming “under […]

Trump Putin: US president defends meeting and press conference

Thailand cave rescue: Boy 'shocked' to be found

Spain's new submarine 'too big for its dock'

Migrant crisis: Italy and NGO in row over migrant deaths

Yemen war: What life is like for children in the country



HPV jab should be given to boys, committee says

Image copyright Getty Images A jab that protects against cervical cancer should also be given to boys, an advisory committee has recommended. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommends a “gender neutral” vaccination programme to protect against the HPV virus. The vaccine is routinely offered to girls aged 12 to 13 at secondary school […]

Too many babies overfed, experts fear

Sensible, family-loving teens behind pregnancy rate drop

Fish oil for a healthy heart 'nonsense'


3D-printed gun blueprints given go-ahead by US government

Image caption CAD files showing how to print a gun were downloaded more than 100,000 times Blueprints outlining how to 3D print a gun can go back online, the US Justice Department has ruled. It follows a four-year battle between the makers of the gun, Defense Distributed, and the US State Department. The first printed […]

Elon Musk apologies to Thai cave diver for Twitter attack

Driving ambition

Rose gold rising


Ecuador's colonial past 'written in soil'

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ecuador’s “cloud forest” grows in a narrow corridor on the slopes of the Andes The arrival of European settlers in Ecuador had a profound effect on the country’s population and environment. This is according to new findings from The Open University. Researchers studying soil cores from the Quijos valley […]


Welcome to the Meghalayan Age – a new phase in history

Image copyright IUGS Image caption The famous timeline will be updated to reflect the new “stages”, or “ages”, as they are called The official history of Earth has a new chapter – and we are in it. Geologists have classified the last 4,200 years as being a distinct age in the story of our planet. […]


The real cabbage soup diet: What Britons ate down the ages

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Cabbage is a mainstay of the British diet Ancient Britons were eating dairy, peas, cabbage and oats, according to gunk trapped in their teeth. Scientists analysed dental plaque found on the teeth of skeletons from the Iron Age to post-Medieval times. They found evidence of milk proteins, cereals and […]