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Eritrea sanctions to be lifted after nine years

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed (left) and Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki (right) have ended travel restrictions between the two countries The UN Security Council is expected to agree shortly to lift sanctions against Eritrea. An arms embargo, asset freeze, and travel ban were imposed in 2009 amid claims Eritrea supported al-Shabab militants […]

Caravan migrants reach United States border

Migrant caravan: Hundreds reach Tijuana on US border

Valencia drops plan for ban on cremations for morbidly obese

Iran executes 'Sultan of Coins' amid currency crisis

Irish outcry over teenager's underwear used in rape trial



Thousands caught up in cervical screening blunder

Image copyright Science Photo Library More than 40,000 women in England have not received information regarding cervical cancer screening after a failure to send out letters by the NHS. The errors were made between January and June. Around 4,000 of them were results of tests, the remainder were letters inviting them for screening or reminding […]

Devon mother in fight with NHS for cystic fibrosis drug funding

Fighting heroin addiction: Bobby's story

Northern Ireland child post-mortem examinations to be done in England


Call of Duty 'swatting' death prankster pleads guilty

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There have been a spate of incidents involving gamers that have led to prank calls to the police A California-based gamer faces up to 20 years in jail after admitting crimes including making a hoax call to US police that resulted in them shooting an innocent man dead. Tyler […]

US asks London court to hand over two alleged hackers

Deepfake: BBC newsreader 'speaks' languages he can’t

Parents 'need to put their phones in a box', MPs told


'Conservation successes' bring hope for mountain gorilla

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Mountain gorilla: From critically endangered to endangered Conservation efforts appear to be paying off for some of the world’s most charismatic animals, according to new assessments for the extinction Red List. Prospects look better for the mountain gorilla, after years of conservation measures, including anti-poaching and veterinary patrols. And […]


South Pole: Rock 'hotspot' causes ice sheet to sag

Image copyright TOM JORDAN Image caption The British Antarctic Survey flew one of its planes back and forth across the pole A “hotspot” is melting the base of the Antarctic Ice Sheet at the South Pole. The area affected is three times that of Greater London. Scientists suspect a combination of unusually radioactive rocks and […]


Climate change: Heatwaves 'halve' male insect fertility

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Beetles represent the largest insect group Heatwaves can damage the sperm of insects and make them almost sterile, according to new research. Scientists exposed beetles to experimental heatwaves in the laboratory, which resulted in reduced male fertility. The effects could be passed down to the beetles’ offspring. Further work […]